As you put on and certainly feel elation. Clothes can be enjoyed when people pass you. "Enjoy wearing, Enjoy watching" I focus on it and, make tricks every season. Each item has surprises and impression. This brand suggests for more people who can enjoy my clothes as "The museum of NaNo size." 袖を通した時の高揚感は勿論、すれ違った第三者も楽しむことが出来る服。 「着て楽しみ、見て楽しむ」 に焦点を当てシーズン毎に仕掛けを施します。 アイテム一点一点に驚きと感動を詰め込み、まるで[ NaNoサイズの美術館 ]として より多くの方々に楽しんで頂けるブランドを提案致します。

NAGI GOTO Director

Born in 1994 in Aichi Japan.